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Sad to hear of John Collins' passing.

Albin's "power cruisers"
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Sad to hear of John Collins' passing.

Post by DesertAlbin736 »

Very sad to read Nancy's post on the passing of John Collins. Her post doesn't seem to allow replies. I'm not an especially savvy IT guy, but obviously I've been one of the most frequent posters, at least on the Albin 25/27 page. albinowners.net has been my go to site for everything Albin for the past 9 years and have met some very fine folks, some virtually, some in person, all thanks to these forums and Albineers of BC.

Nancy, if there's anything a layman like me can do to help, let us know. You know we're all getting older as our boats mostly appeal to an older demographic.

Fair winds and following seas John. God bless & R.I.P.
La Dolce Vita
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Re: Sad to hear of John Collins' passing.

Post by Nancy »

Thank you so much, DA. I think I have made my way through the deep and murky forum settings and enabled the ability to reply to posts in the News & Guidelines section. I didn't realize when I originally posted that replied were somehow disabled.

We are specifically in need of someone with expertise in phpBB (the forum software) and website migrations.
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Re: Sad to hear of John Collins' passing.

Post by tribologist »

Terrible news! So grateful for Johns dedication and effort to this site.

I started to get worries a few month ago not hearing from John and I emailed him a while back when I heard Afterglow was for sale. Very sad. He will be remembered forever in the Albin community.

This forum has been such a phenomenal resource for me and there are so much valuable information here we need to preserve for the future and keep this forum alive. A lot of traffic has moved to FB but for technical discussions and longer threads this is so much more valuable since the content is much more searchable and it is easy to follow discussions. I will make an extra effort remembering to fly the AOG burgee in honor of John. He donated it to the Rendezvous we attended in Essex 2019, the first full season we had with Driftless. Having this forum truly boosted the value Driftless has delivered to us.

RIP dear John Collins!
A25 1971 #737
South Windsor, Ct
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Re: Sad to hear of John Collins' passing.

Post by Burton »

Very sad to hear!
This site gave me the encouragement, information, and connections to buy and begin to update Slow Motion. When I ordered a hat and never got it, and no reply to my emails, I thought something like this must be happening. I also would pay to keep this site going.
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Re: Sad to hear of John Collins' passing.

Post by sail149 »

A sad loss and Indeed a loss to the albin community!
I’ve been kind of out of active A27 posting.
Covid era, then selling 2 business and helping new owners for a year plus.
I forget but I think john gave me the lead on somebody to build a trailer for my A27!
Cheers Warren
'84. 27AC. Lehman 4D61
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Re: Sad to hear of John Collins' passing.

Post by Scudrunner »

Sorry to hear of John's passing. He has helped so many Albin Owners with this site and he will be missed.

My prayers are with his family and friends.

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