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ALBIN 36 Schematics

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ALBIN 36 Schematics

Post by Key2Cay »

In going through documentation left on my Albin 36 I came across several valuable reference items I thought I'd share with the forum.

Attached you will find the electrical wiring charts for service panel and wire color codes; the bilge, waste, and sump piping scheme; and the fuel and fresh water piping scheme.

I noted some differences to the configuration of our boat. The drawings show two 65-gallon freshwater tanks. Our boat contains two 110-gallon aluminum tanks in the lazaret. The second noted difference is the drawing show a 20-gallon holding tank and our boat has a 40-gallon tank.

Given that I am in the process of replumbing our hole boat with 1/2" PEX tubing the piping scheme is useful data to have.

I hope this helps other in the future.
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Tom Brown
1987 Albin 36 "Key 2 Cay"
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Re: ALBIN 36 Schematics

Post by jashmen »

Thanks for sharing!
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Re: ALBIN 36 Schematics

Post by tim@carpetwhse.com »

Thank you sir !
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Re: ALBIN 36 Schematics

Post by catalina_mike »

Hopefully these can be moved to the files section.
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