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Albin 36 for sale on consignment at Capital City Yachts, Olympia, WA, prices at $25K

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Albin 36 for sale on consignment at Capital City Yachts, Olympia, WA, prices at $25K

Post by DesertAlbin736 »

In case anyone is looking for a deal on an Albin 36 in the Northwest, this 1982 model is for sale on consignment with the Capital City Yachts brokerage in Olympia, WA. Listing price is $25,000. If we weren't 1,400 to 1,500 miles away from Olympia depending on which route we took & weren't getting close to aging out of boating and boat ownership altogether I would consider checking this one out. We plan to trailer our Albin 25 up there one last time next spring/summer 2024 and afterwards lay it up on consignment with this same broker after a final Salish Sea cruise. Otherwise I have no interests or connections with this boat. No idea why it's priced so low or what issues it may have. From what little can be determined from photos and the basic description it looks like it's in good shape. Decks appear to be fiberglass, not teak. Doesn't say if the Livingston type dinghy is included & no sign of an outboard. What little can be seen of anchor windlass arrangement looks a bit strange.
1982 Albin 36 in Olympia.jpg
https://www.capitalcityyachts.com/boats ... t=1&full=1
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